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Tristan Collins CPA

Managing Director

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Tristan graduated from Portland State University in 2007, with a BS in Business Administration and Accounting.  She has worked in public accounting firms since 1998 and has held every position from receptionist to most recently, tax director.  She received her Certified Public Accountant designation in 2014. 


Tristan joined Cross Financial Management in 2016.  The favorite part of her job is getting to know her clients and what is important to their lives and figuring out how to best help them achieve their goals.  She most enjoys working with small business owners, and in the area of estates and trusts.  She also has a passion for mentoring the younger staff at Cross.  She receives great satisfaction in being a part of staff growth and development.


Outside of work, Tristan enjoys spending family time with her husband, Mike, and their four children.  Being a life-long dancer, she loves Zumba and Salsa classes and hopes to someday become a certified Zumba instructor.  She also has imparted her love of dance to her children and most weekends you can find her in the audience of a dance competition cheering them on.

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