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Tim Mayfield is a Consultant with Cross Financial Management.  He was the founder of Grace Investors LLC, which was purchased by Cross in 2024.  With a work history that spans the globe, Tim's professional experience includes investment management, financial coaching, training, and key leadership roles in corporations in the United States, Europe and Mexico.  As Tim transitions to retirement, his mission and ministry remains unchanged.  That is to help people learn to manage their money God’s way, help them communicate with their spouse about money and help them organize so they can stick with it. 

Before providing wealth planning and investment management at his own firm, Tim was a Financial Consultant at Lyda Financial.  He was also a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro.  He held the series 7 registration through LPL Financial and the series 66 registration through LPL and Cross Financial Advisors. He was licensed to do business with clients in many states across the US.  Prior to serving in the financial world, Tim was a leader at world-class organizations like Oracle and ESCO Corporation.

Timothy Mayfield

Wealth Management

Consultant (Retired)

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