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Christina George


Staff Accountant

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Christina grew up on the east coast and went to college here in Oregon.  She attended Portland Community College and later transferred to Portland State University.  Christina graduated in 2015 as a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, with a minor in Communication Studies.  While in school, Christina worked as a tutor for Portland Community College in Math, Statistics, Computer Literacy, and Accounting.  She was also the Executive Treasurer for Portland State University’s chapter of Beta Alpha Psi. 


Christina has numerous interests, the majority of which are in some way employed by accounting.  She has a strong appetite for understanding how things work, particularly as it relates to business functions and interpersonal communications.  Christina’s pursuit of accounting provides her with a window to business, while also satisfying her love of numbers and organization.  After work, you can find Christina biking to the river with her paddleboard.  She is happiest when in nature and loves the Earth.  In her free time, Christina enjoys furthering her understanding of the Universe and expanding her consciousness by reading and attending community workshops.  As a lifetime learner, Christina hopes to pass along her skills and experience to help her clients in being successful contributing members of society.

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